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                Last updated: January 30, 2008

Roadkill Skillet:   

          I see myself as a true American artist. Using visions and observations as reference to the communion of words and music. I'm inspired by the beauty of nature, art, music, literature, and theater. My energy is ignited by people and I find myself attracted to social oddities. I am an Aquarian feeling sincerity for my art and an underlining obligation to accomplish as much as I can, as an artist. Though I've never imagined a reality in music, I have found it to be a medium universal on impact and easy on emotion, allowing me to be free. I've always thought I'd be a cartoonist or a designer, prodding away at the drawing board, day in and day out. Mislead without the instant gratification of a live audience. That is why I like performance; bleeding and crying for open air minds. I'd like to be remembered as somewhat of a prophet; philosophizing romantic lyric, dying on society's crucifix for my love of art and my loyalty to creation.

- Joe Roads



Request Joe Roads on WRNR 103.1 fm during Damien Einstein's show Monday through Thursday 7pm-12midnight

request line: (410) 269-1031




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